Justin Bieber…..You are NOT the Father!


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Most of my friends know that I have a serious case of “Bieber Fever.” Because of my being a fan of Justin Bieber, I found it fitting that my PR Crisis blog focuses on a scandal that I’m sure most people who read this blog have heard about: Justin Bieber’s accusation of being a father.

Justin Bieber became a world-wide pop sensation in 2008 at the young age of only 14 years old. Although I was not diagnosed with “Bieber Fever” until about 2 years ago, it was hard not to like the kid. He was cute, he was talented in numerous aspects such as singing, dancing, performing, playing guitar and drumming and he has a pretty wicked hair do. Not to mention that he had a pretty positive image, considering he didn’t curse in his lyrics, is a pretty devoted Christian and did a whole lot for charity, which he still does now. He’s a good kid and a good role model and has turned out to be quite the heartthrob.

However, Justin Bieber’s squeaky-clean could have been shattered instantly when a little paternity scandal began to hit the new about a year ago. At the time, 20 year-old Mariah Yeater had claimed that the teen sensation was the father of her son, Trystan Anthony Markhouse Yeater, who has been born on July 6th. (I didn’t believe this at all because of the simple fact that is Justin Bieber would have fathered my son, my child’s last name definitely would have been Bieber.) Yeater had claimed that Bieber had come on to her when he had performed at the L.A Staples Center when he was 16 and she was 19, and that they hooked up backstage, with that being his “first time.”

Yeater wanted Bieber to take a paternity test and our lovely pop sensation, who had already stated that he was not the father of her child, happily agreed to take the paternity test to prove it. Coincidentally though, Yeater dropped her paternity suit and no comment was ever made on the results of the paternity test. Bieber was guided by PR rep Matthew Hiltzik throughout this whole scandal. Bieber wrapped up this whole scandal by saying on the Today Show, “I know I’ll be a target, but will never be a victim.” Case closed. He even has a song on his newest “Believe” album about this whole scandal, which I personally enjoy, called ‘Maria.’

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3 thoughts on “Justin Bieber…..You are NOT the Father!

  1. Hey Vitoria, great post. I do remember this ‘scandal’ and I do believe Bieber and his PR rep handled the situation very well. One thing I thought was amusing about the scandal when I first heard about it was the fact that even if Bieber was the father, Yeater would have been charged with statutory rape since Bieber was not yet of age. Someone didn’t think their plan through very well.

  2. Victoria Pachauer

    That’s so true! Lol I think that’s why Yeater dropped the paternity suit. By the way, you spelled my name wrong again 🙂

  3. Victoria I am so freaking sorry I keep spelling your name wrong! I get so excited to comment on your blog that my fingers just derp over it and I don’t think to check. This is really terrible of me, and it would be a disastrous PR mistake, I will improve and thank you so much for all the help you have given me.

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